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Performing in The Allie Pinel Project at QED

The Allie Pinel Project AKA 5 steps to that forever kind of love and taking back ownership of yourself

How are you feeling? How is your heart? Do you feel fulfilled? Overwhelmed? Scared? Broken? Or maybe all of these at once? Fear not. Allie's latest show and book "the 5 steps to that forever kind of love (& taking back ownership of yourself)" is coming out hot and will give you guidance to finding true love and reclaiming yourself.

Tickets are $10 but love is priceless so just take that first step and show up and her angels and her will take it from there.

In collaboration with Sophie Bromberg, Liz Charky, Jeannine Cunningham, Leanna Grennan and Elena Rose Light.

Yes, there is a bar at the space. Love is a long road but the 5 steps are the path to forever.

QED, Queens